Today July 6th the  Nordstrom Anniversary Sale  preview is available to the public.   Here is the link for the sale site.   Here are some tips I have for shopping the sale. 

Set a budget 

Pick a budget/ allowance and stick to it. It is also really easy to get carried away with new items and deals. So sticking to your number is important. We all love a good sale, but don’t break the bank! I promise you debt is NOT worth buying a new pair of jeans or shoes.

Make a list of things you want or needs. 

Before the sale starts, decide what you want to focus on! It can get a bit overwhelming, so try to come up with some items that you need and stick to that. Do you also need new jeans for fall? Booties? Beauty/Make-Up? Check out the items, make sure these are products you like and would use, and add them to your list!

3. Nordstrom Card

The Nordstrom Credit Card is a “key to access”, the sale is essentially “released” to their card members in a tiered order before the sale goes public. Check out the schedule I posted below. 


To see what I am talking about. Inventory goes fast, so the sooner you have access to the sale, the more likely you will get what you are looking for! So be sure to use a Personal Double Points Day to earn 2X the points on the day that you shop!

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: If you are NOT good with credit cards, it’s not worth getting! I always make sure my balance is paid off by the end of the month. If you don’t have money to shop, don’t spend money you don’t have. I love you all and genuinely want you get things you can afford!

4. Download the App + Preview Items

As mentioned above, the preview starts July 6th. Download the Nordstrom app on your phone and save your favorite items to your Wish List so that when the sale starts, you have the items accessible. I HIGHLY recommend shopping on the desktop website, there were a ton of issues last year with sales and shipping. Desktop has always been more effective for me.

Do not buy things just to buy things 

Check back here for sale updates. 

To shop the sale sign up for a Nordstrom Credit Card here. When signing for a Nordstrom card you will receive a $60 not to use on future purchases.

Be sure to follow me on the LIKEtoKNOWit app.   I will posting in app content on there. 


Happy Shopping