Working From Home

    Hi friends I hope you are all doing well.  Today I thought I would share some tips with you on how to work from home.  If you aren’t used to working from home you might end up feeling lonely, distracted, or unproductive.  My first piece of advice is to get dressed.  Yes, it maybe easy to want to stay in sweats and sweatshirt all day.   When working from home you don’t need to dress in your office attire but don’t let me stop you.  It’s also important to stick to a schedule.  It may seem silly to have a designated start and stop time when working at home; after all,…


    Thanksgiving Outfit

    Hi friends with the American thanksgiving two weeks away I thought I would an outfit idea.  This outfit is perfect if you live in a climate where you don’t have snow on the ground and you are having supper then going Black Friday shopping.  It is comfortable and cute and still put together.       SHOP THE POST     Thank you for reading.


    Wild For Leopard

    Hi lovelies, Happy Sunday sorry I have been MIA lately hockey playoffs are in full swing where I live so I have been busy going to them. Leopard is the “IT” print of spring. I have seen shoes, skirts, bags, scarves, and so much more. Here are some of the leopard print items I have been loving lately.   one  /  two  /  three  /  four /  five  /  six  /  seven     SHOP THE POST         Thank you for reading!!!! XOXO Anneke