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The Bachelorette Recap Episode 6

Hi lovelies sorry my Bachelorette recap for week 6 is late.  This weeks episode opens with the guys exploring the streets of Riga, Lativa eventually arriving at the Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel where they will be staying.   Garrett receives the first date card which makes Luke P jealous. Oh boo hoo. I don’t feel any sympathy for Luke P at all.   The  show then cuts to an interview with Luke P where he thought that Garrett would be sent home. The conflict between Garrett and Luke P reached a head last week so it is no surprise that Luke P wanted Garrett sent home.   I am not surprised that Luke P wanted date to go poorly.  Hannah and Garrett arrived at their date destination in the Latvian woods to discover a pair of bungee-jumpers leap out of a cable car together… completely naked. Once the jumpers were untethered, the couple approached Garrett and Hannah and told them naked bungee jumping was a kind of a tradition for couples in Latvia.   As they prepared to jump, Hannah starts (in her words) “freaking the freak out” about their impending 43-meter jump.  Garrett took the opportunity to show her that he’s there for her; he helped her take off her bra and gave her a kiss before they jumped, holding onto each other and screaming.  Back in their robes and on the ground, the two drank champagne outside by a fire and talked about the drama of last week.  He told her that it taught him a lesson and assured her that he is only focused on her.  At the end of the date, he told Hannah he was falling in love with her and she gave him the date rose.   After Dylan and Dustin expressed that they were hoping to get a one-on-one date with Hannah this week, a group date card was delivered to the house inviting Mike, Jed, Tyler, Dustin, Luke, Connor, and Dylan on a group date. Peter’s name was left off the card, meaning he gets the second one-on-one date in Latvia.  Before the group date, Garrett told the guys about his date with Hannah and Luke, unsurprisingly, was unhappy to hear that they were naked together.  On the group date, Hannah and her men toured Riga and tried food and went shopping in a local market.  Then, Hannah told the guys about her date with Garrett and that they got naked because it is a Latvian tradition.   an on-camera interview, Luke said that he believes Hannah crossed a line by exposing her body to someone who isn’t her husband.  As the date continued into the evening,  Jed played piano and sang a song for Hannah and Luke told Hannah that finding out that Hannah was naked with Garrett felt similar to being cheated on. Tyler got the group date rose.    On Hannah’s one-on-one date with Peter, they had a Latvian-style spa day complete with flower crowns.   After choosing their herbs and oils, they stripped down to bathing suits and went into the sauna for a spiritual ritual where they spoke allowed their goals for the date.   two talked about their relationship while relaxing in a hot tube.   At the end of the night, Hannah gave Peter the date rose and said she is looking at him as a life partner.   As they kissed under the fireworks, Peter told her “I am so in right now.”  Jed surprised Hannah by singing and playing the guitar outside her hotel room’s balcony.   She invited him up to her room, and he continued serenading her with original music.   They made out in her bed before Jed told her that he’s falling in love with her.  The Luke and Hannah drama continued later in the episode when she visited him to talk to him about what he said to her about her date with Garrett.   He told her that he started the conversation in the worst way possible and said he has full trust in her as the woman he hopes to marry one day.   He also said he doesn’t want to see or know what she does with the other guys.   During the rose ceremony, Hannah told the men that she believes her husband “is in this room.”  She ended up giving a rose to Luke P., which is unsurprising for fans who have seen the preview for the season and know that there is more drama to come between the two. Dylan Barbour and Dustin Kendrick were eliminated.

My Top 4 Picks

1. Tyler C, 26 

This episode was Tyler C.’s time to shine and I was all about it. He has laid fairly low in terms of the Luke P. drama up until now, making each of his takedowns of Luke P. this week more impactful and on point.  More importantly, in his defending Hannah to Luke P., he’s proven time and again how much he respects her and wants the best for her.  He understands that her bungee jumping naked with someone else is about her experience on The Bachelorette; it has nothing to do with him.  He appreciates both her aggressive “All Business” side, yet as we saw on their 1-on-1 date, supports and uplifts her vulnerable, defeated side.  There is great balance and equality here.  Most importantly, while Tyler C. might be (wonderfully) understated, Hannah evidently recognizes his worth.  She gave him this week’s Group Date rose, even with Jed on that date, and in general is drawn to him like a moth to a flame.  I just love watching these two together.

2. Jed, 25

Halfway through the episode, I thought I’d be bumping Jed in favour of Peter.   then Jed pulled ahead again by serenading Hannah from the street, cleverly getting some extra alone time out of it. I  really admire Jed’s style with Hannah—he is actually pretty aggressive, and when you think about it, his serenade could easily have been portrayed calculatedly, even villainously.  But because you can tell it’s going out of his comfort zone to be this aggressive, and because Hannah is reciprocating as strongly as she is, it’s all OK. Jed confessed this week to truly falling for Hannah and he remains a major frontrunner.

3. Peter, 27

There isn’t much I can say about Peter and Hannah they have chemistry.   They are hot together.  I am not sure if Peter and Hannah have that emotional connection yet. They sure do have the physical one. 

4.Luke P, 24

You guys it pains me to have to put Luke P back on this list.  But it seems like Luke P will be around for next weeks episode and the following one according to the trailers of the remaining season.  This makes me think that he does, in fact, make it to hometowns. This could partially be because of producer influence, partially because Hannah really does see something in him and partially because Hannah is super attracted to him and wants the overnight alone time.  Whether it’s one of the above or all of the above, it’s hard to see Hannah keeping him through these rough past two weeks only to send him home right before Hometowns.  It all comes down to where in the season (and on which date) the previewed sex-shaming debate falls.


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