Amazon Prime Day

Hi lovelies, Happy Monday!!!!  Amazon Prime day is coming up and if this year, which if you haven’t taken note is July 15 and July 16, is anything like last year’s sale (which only lasted 36 hours, btw) you’ll get access to everything from great beauty deals to must-have clothes and accessories for 48 whole hours.

To shop this sale here are my tips:

Step 1: Make sure you sign up for Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Student. Just head over to Amazon’s website and follow its on-site instructions. Easy as that.

Step 2: Download the Amazon App on your iPhone or Android. There you’ll be able to track the best deals, and even view them before they’re live.

Step 3: Go the extra mile and make sure you read through Amazon’s Prime Day Insider Guide. Here you will learn what to expect during this year’s 48 hours of sale.

Step 4: Charge your laptop and your phone. You don’t want them dying on you when the deals go live!

Step 5: Stretch your fingers and get ready to shop! Make sure you have a list prior to shopping of the things you know you can’t miss out on so you don’t end up overspending.

Step 6: Do a little dance! Your deals will be at your doorstep sooner rather than later!


Thank you for reading!!!

XOXO Anneke

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